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Katerina Stathis is a music-therapist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Katerina’s current soundscape practice unveils universal visceral themes conveying the gamut of emotions using a blend of analogue synthesisers, found sound and acoustic instruments. Katerina released her debut album Delusions & Heroines in early 2020, a sophomore release Refract: Covid Soundscapes Vol 1 released in August 2020 and her most recent release in August 2021 as a single, Hope Springs Eternal. Her compositions have been included in various compilations including Music Under Lockdown: Melbourne 2020 on the Shame File Music Label. 


Katerina is one third of the composition collective STATHIS//DAVEY//KIM who were involved

in sonic installation collaborations for Mona Foma 2020 & 2021: Hypnos Cave (in

collaboration with Robin Fox and Soma Lumia) and Chairway to Heaven- A Suspended

Symphony in the Sky.​ She is also a member of the MESS Synthesiser Orchestra whose

performance of Magnitudes by Mat Watson, debuted at Sidney Myer Music Bowl in 2021. A follow up performance saw her as co-composer and co-conductor of the MESS Synthesiser Orchestra with collective STATHIS//DAVEY//KIM for the Now or Never Festival in 2023.


Katerina has also worked in collaboration with Melbourne based dance company Lucy Guerin Inc. composing the soundtrack for a new dance work, How to Be Us, commissioned by the Australian Ballet for Dance X Festival. The work will also see a season performed at Theatre National de Chaillot in Paris, January 2024. She also composed the soundtrack for Cloudland, a light installation work which simulated the feeling of being inside a cloud, presented at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Katerina’s most recent solo work saw her perform an eight-channel diffusion work Opus MESS for Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio’s Sonorous VII series at the iconic Newport Substation.

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